PHYSMOD 2015 - International Workshop on Physical Modelling of Flow and Dispersion Phenomena:)

7-9 September 2015, Zurich, Switzerland


The aim of the PHYSMOD international workshops is to bring together the community active in the physical modelling of atmospheric flow and dispersion in fluid modelling facilities, such as wind tunnels and water flumes. The biennial workshop was re-established in 2001 and attracts a growing number of experts, young scientists and students active in the field.

PHYSMOD provides a forum where the most recent advances in fluid modelling, the state-of-the-art in experimental work and new emerging research areas are discussed and assessed in an open-minded and friendly atmosphere. One of the main purposes is to provide a wide platform for information exchange and knowledge transfer between participants. Participating institutions and laboratories are encouraged to bring their students and to have them present their research work, to help incorporate them into the active fluid modelling community.

Key topics of the workshop are

  • flow and dispersion in urban areas and the effect of buildings on transport and diffusion
  • transient flow and dispersion phenomena in the atmospheric boundary layer
  • flow and dispersion within and above idealised surface roughness
  • boundary layer modelling for wind technology and wind energy research
  • test data and validation of numerical and analytical modelling tools
  • quality assurance and improvement of boundary layer modelling techniques

PHYSMOD 2015 is hosted by the ETH/Empa Urban Physics Group.



Physmod will take place 7-9 September 2015. Please check back for future updates.

  • Abstract submission: March 25th, 2015
  • Notification of acceptance of abstract: May 6th, 2015
  • Paper submission: August 10th, 2015
  • Registration deadline: August 1st, 2015


Papers and Abstracts

Submission of abstract:

Please submit your one page abstract (max. 400 words) before the deadline here:

Submission of full papers:

In preparing papers (6 sides, maximum) please use the template provided and submit to (t.b.d). Follow the instructions included in the template and convert the file name to match your name before submission.



Registration fees (Incl. conferences dinner and lunches)

Normal: 300 CHF
Student: 200 CHF


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